Great care and attention

Viking Wool ProductsAt each stage of processing is taken to ensure Viking Wool always retains its best qualities. Hand sorting by skilled craftsmen into sixteen different classifications results in the wool being ideally suited for a multiplicity of different and important end uses. Luxury yarns have been developed for the fashion industry as well as the more traditional styles for knitwear, cloth, hand knitting yarns, carpets, rugs and throws. Used in conjunction with other prestigious fibres the versatility of Viking Wool is significant with increasing renown worldwide. Viking Wool is also a key supporter of the global Campaign for Wool. Scoured Viking Wool, combed tops, finished yarns and other products are being exported around the world to an increasingly discerning public who want to know more about the origins of the products they buy. Viking Wool from Norway has a fully traceable pedigree.

Animal welfare

Animal welfare is a major focus in Norway. Farmers analyse the implications on the flock of pollution in the ground water, as well as the use of fertilisers and insecticides. The majority of Norwegian wool is pesticide free, certified by testing from Enco global testing services and consultancy. Curtis Wool Direct, the largest wool merchant and processor in the Northern Hemisphere, has partnered with Nortura, the Norwegian farmers organisation, to purchase a major proportion of the Norwegian wool. All fleece under the Viking Wool brand is scoured and, if required, combed at Haworth Scouring in Bradford, West Yorkshire. In recent years Haworth has invested millions in improving the efficiency of its processes in a bid to raise sustainability standards, consuming less water and energy than other scourers.

Curtis Wool Direct Ltd

Curtis Wool has created this exclusive Viking Wool brand. Viking Wool from Norway is a product of excellence and is only available from Curtis Wool Direct. The prime objective of the two organisations working closely together on this enterprise is to ensure that all our customers aspirations are met, ensuring that we can build a confident future together.

The Best Wool from Norway

Shearing sheep encourages a robust appetite increasing fertility, encouraging a new fleece to be grown in readiness for the next winter, continuing the natural life cycle.